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Bottom Line:If you're looking for the most hydration to turn your hair into soft, smooth hair strands, the WOW Coconut Milk Conditioner provides the moisturization it needs to look its best. The coconut milk extract is able to boost shine and gloss while softening your hair strands and cuticles to defend itself against frizz.
PROS:This conditioner was designed to provide your hair with as much hydration as possible to keep it as its healthy.
CONS:We do not recommend it if you already have excessive oil buildup and are need of a cleansing treatment.

Benefits Of WOW Coconut Milk Conditioner

This premium conditioner is enriched with coconut milk extract and 2 DHT blockers to truly help combat hair loss and spot baldness. It also contains hydrolyzed keratin protein to coat and penetrate hair shafts to replace missing keratin in microscopic gaps along the hair shafts. Helps rebuild the hair's natural protective layer.

The gentle formula is able to help with rough, dull, frizzy hair and restore it back to a soft, lustrous look and feel. Restore damaged hair by providing it with the vital nutrients it needs to thrive under any condition. The extra moisture and nourishment will boost the productivity of your follicles while improving hair texture and health.

Is It For All Hair Types?

Yes. Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, color-treated, etc., it's suitable to help all hair types.

Does It Really Help With Hair Loss?

Yes - when coconut milk extract and 2 DHT blockers are combined, it blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, the molecule responsible for hair loss

Is It Safe For Color Treated Hair?

Yes, since it only uses natural ingredients, it's completely safe to use on color-treated hair.