Q&A: How big is an average solar panel?

Question by narutofan101: How big is an average solar panel?

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Answer by The Beatles LOVE
There is really no average because there are all different structures and buildings that they are put on. It’s not like you can calculate an average due to there being so many other variables.

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  1. Ned says:

    Solar panels significantly vary in size so it’s almost impossible to determine the size of “an average solar panel”, if you need more info on solar panels I suggest reading this article

  2. 1solarguy says:

    It really depends on how you are planning to use the panels. Before you do anything you first will need to determine how much power is necessary for your particular application.

    Solar panels are often designed to be modular, each panel can be around 2X3 feet, but there are plenty of variations out there. By building your system modular you simply add more 2X3 foot panels to form an array so you can power more things.

    Here is where it gets tricky, you can have two panels exactly the same size, but one panel delivers 65 watts of power while the other delivers 165 watts of power because it is more efficient. That is why you may see two panels that seem identical, but have a huge difference in price.

    I suggest buying a simple kit like the one sold at Harbor Freight or the Sunforce 50048 kit and experiment a little before you get in too deep. You will learn a lot just from playing around and seeing what you can do. They come with everything you need including the inverter to convert the 12volt output from the panels to 120 volt AC like your wall sockets. It is well worth the investment.

    I use solar for all of my outdoor lighting as well as charging up my RC helicopters and I built it a little at a time to keep it affordable.

    Hope that helps.


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